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Our Brand

Our brand, Verified Premium Plus Milk and Beef, is produced by dairy farmers all over the nation. Since milking takes place 2 or more times every day, an emotional attachment is established between the milkers/care takers and the cows during each cow's milking career.

The careful consultation during the cow's productive years by a veterinarian results in food that is of high quality, healthy for you, safe, and nutritious. Nutritious milk is available by the glass, carton or in delicious ice cream, yogurt or hundreds of other food products. The dairy isle is an important stop in any super market. The dairy cow is an important source of beef. Dairy beef has variety, flexibility and many choices that provide exceptional taste and experience - all represented by our brand "Verified Premium Plus Milk or Beef."

Most of our Verified Premium Plus farmers receive a premium price for their food as it leaves their dairy. An earned and deserving reward for several years of superb animal care. We at the Dairy Quality Center are proud to be associated with the brand Verified Premium Plus.

Dairy Quality Center's Mission

Establish a third-party veterinarian, outcome-based program which recognizes sustainable practices in place and guides change on the dairy through training, sound protocols and a valid veterinarian/client relationship.

Bad Liver

Beef Trim

A Look Inside To Learn About Your Cow’s Health

What’s inside the cow can reveal what you are losing at the dairy. At the harvest facility you can learn a lot about your cow's health. One example is if she has a fatty liver or has liver abscesses - this is a sure sign that she was not producing the quantity of VPP milk possible to make you money.

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Dr. Daniels

2014 Quality Veterinarian of the Year Award

Dr. Angela Daniels receives 2014 Veterinarian of the Year Award. Colette Johnston of the Dairy Quality Center and Dr. Tom Van Dyke, Manager of Merial Veterinary Services Team, presented Dr. Angela Daniels with a plaque honoring Dr. Daniels as the 2014 DQC Quality Veterinarian of the Year. The award was presented at the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) annual meeting held September 17-19 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Project In Charge

Project In Charge - Slice of Cruelty

"The New Mexico Livestock Board has launched an investigation into a southern New Mexico dairy after an activist working with an animal welfare group recorded secret video showing workers whipping cows with chains and wire cable, kicking and punching the animals, and shocking them with electric prods." -- The Associated Press

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Beef Trim

Carcass Losses At The Packer Reach Into Your Pocket (Are you selling steaks or pet food?)

Once the cow is sorted, loaded and headed to the packer your thoughts may return to milk production, but don’t forget you are producing Verified Premium Plus Beef! What happened to your premiums? Have you done everything to earn a premium? Meat trimmings from 20% of the carcasses represent a downgrade of the carcass quality from human consumption to rendering or pet food.

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